March 19th

Governor Walker’s Nominee Stacks The Deck
For Commercial Fishing on Board of Fish

From Kenai River Sportfishing Association


Governor Walker’s selection of nominee Duncan Fields, a Kodiak commercial fisherman, to the Alaska Board of Fisheries as a replacement for an Anchorage sport and personal use representative will unfairly stack the Board in favor of commercial fishing interests. The Fish Board traditionally has had three commercial fishing interests, three sport fish and personal use interests and one subsistence user, from broad geographical areas of the state.

The nomination leaves Anchorage without a voice on the Board of Fisheries for the first time in more than three decades, and stacks the Board with a majority voice of commercial fishing interests and a minority voice for sport, personal use and subsistence interests. The Governor appointed Board of Fisheries SHOULD offer balanced and fair representation of all regions and users – sport, personal use, subsistence and commercial. At this time, only action by the LEGISLATURE to not confirm Mr. Fields can stop this takeover. The Legislature is our Court of Last Resort.

WRITE A LETTER to the Legislature and urge them to VOTE NO on Duncan Fields appointment to the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

You can use a simple letter form on the KRISA website at:

Go To KRISA Website to Write Letter


Stop This Nomination – Keep The BOF Fair

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